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As pioneers in digital conferences and events, K.I.T. Group offers technical excellence and extensive experience. Whether a virtual conference, i.e., online-only, or a hybrid in-person and online conference, we are the right partner to meet all your needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an explosion in virtual and hybrid conferences. Even before the pandemic, K.I.T. Group had been training its staff and delivering digital events for many years, so we were well-positioned to support our clients during the pandemic – and afterwards. We have continued to support digital offerings – whether fully hybrid or partly hybrid, content-on-demand after the conference or webinars. All K.I.T. Group Divisions, such as conference management and delegate services, are experienced in supporting virtual and hybrid conferences.

The digital world is different, and you will benefit from our expertise in helping you select the perfect platform for your conference and budget, adaptation of the programme to optimise its effectiveness, virtual speaker management, CME accreditation, securing sponsors and maximising attendee interaction. Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing that we have the know-how to ensure your virtual or hybrid conference runs smoothly without technical issues.

Christina Papendick
Head of Conference Management Division

Franck Brizé
Head of Conference Management Division

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