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Meet A KITonian

Meet Marcy

Marketing, Communications and Engagement Division

I respond to all our client’s marketing and communications needs. The tasks are diverse: I could manage social media channels in the morning and write promotional emails in the afternoon. Whatever communication support our clients need, I am there for them. I have been with the company since moving to Berlin from the USA almost 20 years ago. I have grown and developed personally and professionally while at K.I.T. Group, having had the opportunity to take on many different roles in the company. I particularly enjoy working for a company with many women in senior management positions.

Meet Swen

Delegate Services Division

I ensure the entire registration process is smooth, from setting up our online system to welcoming attendees at the conference. It is always a pleasure to provide ongoing support and guidance for delegates. I value the flexibility and hybrid working practices at K.I.T. Group, and it is exciting to witness the success of our projects worldwide. I am originally from Malaysia and love working in an international environment. In my one-and-a-half years with K.I.T Group, I have already had the opportunity to visit some exciting places, such as South Africa and India.

Meet Alex

Conference Management Division

I joined K.I.T. Group in 2015, left for several years to run my own business, and then decided to return in 2022. As a Conference Manager, I have the complete overview of the conference and make sure that everything is on track and that all the stakeholders – our clients, our teams, our suppliers – are connected. I am one of the many Français at K.I.T. Group. I love the variety of projects we look after. We work with many different clients and on various conferences and events. I also appreciate managing an excellent work-life balance, which is particularly important for those of us with young children.

Meet Anita

Conference Accommodation Division

I am in close contact with hotels, our guests and, of course, our clients! I love how each conference and client has a different character. K.I.T. Group’s flexible approach means that “one size does not fit all,” so it is rewarding to be able to adapt our services to different clients. Sometimes, we start contracting conference accommodation three to four years in advance. Working with a long-term client for many years, being part of the on site team, and experiencing its successes first-hand is very satisfying.

Meet Mitra

Association Management Division

I work in the Association Management Division supporting our association clients on everything from board meetings to education, advocacy initiatives, and membership services. I am originally from Iran but work in Berlin at our global headquarters. Diversity sums up one of the big attractions of working here – the people, the projects and the tasks. We work in a dynamic environment, and every day is different. The support of great clients and an engaged team help overcome challenges. I am continually learning at K.I.T. Group, which I value.

Meet Linda

Programme and Content Development Division

I am part of the team supporting our clients in developing conference programmes. “Content is King!”. I love working with committees to bring the programme to life. As K.I.T. Group has many longstanding clients, it is great to reconnect after a conference to start working on the next edition. What I particularly value at K.I.T. Group is the support of the other Divisions. You are never alone, and this makes a big difference. I love the international flavour at K.I.T. Group – both staff and clients. Our teams come from many different countries – I am Italian – yet we all share the same passion and goals.

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