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When Empiricism Becomes Therapeutic Experience and Medical Progress

Increasing audience engagement at the 2nd Medicinal Cannabis Congress

The 2nd Medicinal Cannabis Congress (MCC) is a professional, accredited (9 CME credits) medical congress to promote clinical research, basic science, education, and advocacy based on the topic of cannabinoids in medical practice and therapy. Representatives from all medical and pharmaceutical health professions participated in the two-day medical training event. 

The MCC was brought to life and initiated by K.I.T. Group; the second virtual congress was held in June 2021. We utilised our virtual platform, OPADE, for this year’s MCC. New market entry is difficult; creating something innovative from ground zero needs time to develop, materialise, and ultimately succeed. 

Hence, the challenges were based on developing and increasing brand awareness, creating an intriguing scientific programme of interest to physicians, pharmacists, and medical students, ensuring sponsorship and attendee participation, and adapting to the current circumstances. 

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