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Pathway to Sustainability

K.I.T. Group is committed to sustainable events and has worked with several clients towards this goal. The company has a long-standing green meeting policy, has developed detailed guidelines and can bring its experience over many years into force.

Listening to the client and understanding what their objectives are, outlining potential options and defining how deep they want to go helps us
formulate a plan with them. Every client is different. K.I.T. Group adopts an individual approach. It is a partnership. We support our clients – providing
advice and expertise in addition to developing and implementing sustainability plans.
Our Pathway to Sustainability programme offers clients support at three potential levels – from Green Advocate to Green Champion to Green Leader.

K.I.T. Group continues to innovate and lead in this area through its Sustainability Taskforce – made up of team members from across the company with
a passion for sustainability. For further information, please contact: